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280W Beam Pattern Light
Voltage: 110V-250V 50 / 60HZ
Power: 500W
Light Source: OSRAM SIRIUS HRI 280 or YODN MSD 280
Style: pattern, dyeing, beam triple lamps
Luminous flux: 7950lm, color temperature up to 8000K
Color wheel: a color plate, a color plate, with 13 color + white composition
Gobo: two goggles, fixed pattern plate 14 patterns + white, 9 rotating pattern. Rotating pattern piece Diameter: 15.4mm Effective inner diameter: 13mm
Effect Wheel: two rotating prism, is a prism +8 row mirror, atomization function
Horizontal 540 degrees, resolution 8Bit / 16Bit, vertical 270 degrees, resolution 8Bit / 16Bit
DMX channel: 16CH / 24CH
Size: 365 * 256 * 589mm
Net weight: 16.5kg
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